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    A Tale Of Two Trumps

    Twitter Wild: The Simpsons 'Nightmarize' Trump's Life, Make Putin Sec. of State

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    The cartoon show has once again taken a jab at Donald Trump in their latest sketch, in which the 45th US President reconsiders his life choices and gets it all off of his chest.

    The all-new episode of The Simpsons begins with a group of staffers leaving the White House through a door with the sign “Recently Fired Key Personnel Exit,” with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson supposedly shouting “That’s no way to fire a billionaire! You don’t know where North Korea is!”

    The next scene features Melania, armed with a felt pen, reading “Fire and Fury” and making notes, while in a different room Donald is napping in his bed, buried in piles of newspapers with catchy headlines, such as “Putin Names Self US Secretary of State,” “Trump Attacks NRA, Backs Dreamers,” “Trump Tweets Actual Fact By Mistake,” etc.

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    He trembles, having a nightmare, wakes up and heads over to the mirror to get things off his chest, forcing himself to tell the truth. He starts with, “I’m not a hundred percent consistent!” And continues running through the White House, jumping on the table, and exclaiming, “You blame other people for everything! You fire the head of the FBi just because he’s taller than you!” Admitting to all the wrongdoing becomes such a relief for him that he even decides to stop tweeting and “do a little reading” instead.

    Animated Trump even calls Vladimir Putin in the middle of the night, demanding that he leave “this great country alone,” then he runs to the wall, separating his room from Melania’s, who’s reading the “Prenup Law” book, and promises that he will be a “new man.”

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    However, his sudden confessions appear to be part of his nightmare, with The Donald taking to his favorite social media platform to “tweet what’s deep in his heart.” “Alec Baldwin wears a hairpiece. SAD!”

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    Social media users were thrilled over the new episode, saying that is was absolutely awesome, and discussed their favorite moments:

    This is not the first time that The Simpsons have mocked Trump in their clips. In December 2017, the show’s sketch drew public attention to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation over Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election, depicting Trump’s attempts to bribe him.

    Back in 2000, the animated sitcom also aired an episode, “Bart to the Future,” predicting Donald Trump’s presidency.


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