04:11 GMT07 March 2021
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    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' provocative Tweet of him walking around with a robot dog at a company conference has prompted Twitter users to warn the executive about the dangers to human life that a military version of the Boston Dynamics' robot may represent.

    In the Tweet, a sunglasses-clad Bezos casually strolls along with a yellow and grey SpotMini, Boston Dynamics' new 25 kg four-legged autonomous robot.

    But not all social media users were impressed, many reminding him that Netflix series Black Mirror had already predicted it.

    Episode 5 of the series' fourth season features humans facing off against terrifying robotic dogs, clearly inspired by Boston Dynamics' creations. Users recalled the episode in their response to Bezos.

    Others challenged the CEO to a dog cuteness competition, offered to sell him a robotic "pet bird," or photoshopped his head on the robot's body and vice-versa.

    SpotMini had earlier creeped out YouTube users, Boston Dynamics released a video of the robot attempting to open a door amid human resistance. 

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