18:26 GMT +305 December 2019
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    UFO Chases Passenger Jet Through The Sky As Baffled Witness Captures Video

    'Actually Baffled': WATCH Mysterious Object Shadowing Passenger Plane

    © Photo : Youtube / NowYouKnow
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    With many continuing to take videos with alleged UFOs at face value, sceptics reject them as fakes and false alarms depicting air refueling, military drills or computer-generated imagery.

    A video with what looked like an unidentified flying object (UFO) has emerged on YouTube's NowYouKnow channel.

    The footage, which was captured in the US in 2016, shows the alleged UFO following a passenger plane, approaching and then overtaking the aircraft.

    YouTube users remained at odds over the video, which some said should not be rejected because it was "clearly not photoshop," while others suggested that it could be part of war games, air refueling and computer-generated imagery (CGI).

    One user admitted that he was "actually baffled" by the video, which he claimed "looks legit, as to why, who knows."
    Meanwhile, the footage has already gained more than 17,000 views.


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