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    United Express plane

    Woman Tackled By Fellow Passengers After Trying to Open Plane Door Mid-Flight

    © Wikimedia Commons/ Courtesy of Quintin Soloviev
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    On Monday, passengers aboard a United Express flight to Boise, Idaho, were in for a real in-flight show when a woman claiming to be "God" tried to open the plane's cabin door mid-flight.

    Video footage of the incident records the moments after passengers deterred the unidentified woman from opening the door. The recording shows one man tying up the woman's feet while another holds her down.

    ​"I am God, I am God," the woman can be heard saying as she's being restrained. "I am God."

    The flight, operated by SkyWest Airlines, was carrying a total of 73 passengers.

    "She wasn't acting right, or normal, from the very beginning [of the flight]," Scott Smith, a fellow passenger on the flight, told the Idaho Statesman, before noting that the woman's companion had also appeared bothered. "I read it as: One of them is trying to get over their fear of flying… I could tell that one or both were uneasy with flying."

    "It's just kind of odd. I have no idea if she was on some sort of medication and it wore off or if she had a bad reaction," Smith, a veterinarian who works as a consultant for an animal health company, added. "Certainly, by all observations of mine, she was mentally unstable."

    According to Smith, the woman also yelled out, "God has all the data," "I don't have any data," and, "We landed in Boise 15 minutes ago."

    Once the flight actually landed in Boise, the woman was met by local law enforcement and taken into custody by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for a medical evaluation, according to Haley Williams, the spokesperson for the Boise Police Department.

    Officials have not yet announced any charges against the unruly passenger. The FBI is also investigating the matter, CBS News reported.


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