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    My friend sent me this video of a bison in his car with no context

    Licked by Holy Cow & Blessed? Web Cracks Up at VIDEO of Cute Bison Hugging Man

    © Photo: Ryan
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    A video of a man embracing a bison in his car is rapidly gaining in popularity on YouTube. Take a chance and see what is likely to be a smash hit on the social media platform any time soon.

    In a video uploaded by a user named Ryan, a man poses in front of the camera with a bison that has stuck into a car to grab a slice of bread. The author noted he had obtained the video from his friend, who did not specify where the footage had been made.

    A string of comments, naturally humorous ones, emerged below the video, which has scored over 329,000 viewings for the past two days.

    Most famously, the author was addressed by a number of people who presented themselves as editors for non-existent editions, asking for a comment or an interview:

    "Hello Ryan, I'm a writer for bizons in cars getting coffee. And I'd like to contact the bison in the video regarding this video. Can you please teach him to use computers and have him email me at Much obliged," a user nicknamed Saitama Bro wrote.

    Another one, Dominic Boggio, quickly followed suit:

    "Hi Ryan, I'm the Head Editor over at Large Animal Tongues magazine, I was wondering if we could put this on our radical tongues section of our website," Dominic Boggio wrote in comments.

    Some went as far as addressed…the bison, not Ryan:

    "Hi Bison, I'm a writer at Ryan World Magazine and I'd like to contact your playfellow regarding as to the nature of this video. Can you please ask him to email me at please? Thank you,"  Hayden Jacobson politely requested.

    Some took, for some reason, the guy for a homosexual:

    "Hi Ryan, I would love to interview you for my gay show on Cx news, thanks," user eL BangBang wrote.

    The majority, though, immediately joined the choir of praise, saying this is exactly the type of video which deserves to be trending on YouTube.

    "This is what YouTube needs to be!!! Hehe," one comment reads.

    Many users, both serious and  tongue-in-cheek, asked for permission to make use of Ryan’s brilliant "camera work" and upload it somewhere else.

    The video even drew vegans, who rushed to contemplate on if Ryan felt okay about first patting the bison on its head and then eating meat for a meal:

    Hi Ryan, I'm a SJW for animals, also known as a vegan, when you feed that Bison some bread and pat it on the head, did you do so knowing you eat meat? if so we would like to come to your house and raeeeeeeee at you for 2 hours, you can contact me @veganswarwitheverything on twitter, thank you….

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    A number of users, though, admitting the bison looks perfectly cute, voiced concern for the author's health, especially taking into account how many times he shot out "HOOLY SH*T" remarks in the video:

    "I was waiting for the bison to eat his head," user spllitz wrote.

    "If I had a dollar for every time he said “HOOOOLY SH*T!" I could make a trip to the vending machine,” user that comes under the name Zion’s World stated.

    Some appeared more concerned about the wild life, though:

    "Don't feed healthy wild animals. You're setting a potentially dangerous precedence for them," Jo King wrote. Meanwhile, user nicknamed InsertNameHere got a bit frustrated with the author shifting from one animal name to another:

    "He called it a "holy cow" and then a "buffalo". Make up your mind because it changes the context. I need to know whether this is just a cute video or a video about a blessed man that a holy cow licked."


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