20:15 GMT21 October 2020
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    The acclaimed singer performed the Star-Spangled Banner song in a very unusual, sexy way, trying to spice it up, however, neither the participants of the NBA All-Star game nor netizens much appreciated the idea.

    Eight-time Grammy award winner Fergie was invited to perform the US national anthem at the NBA All-Star game. However her vision of how it should be performed obviously differed with the public’s idea. The players looked like they felt awkward at the unusual, sultry, sexy rendition by the singer and one of the commentators noted that he needed a cigarette after that.

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    However, Twitter users were not so modest and launched full-on assault against Fergie:

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    Keeping in line with the trend, some considered the “revolutionary” rendition a cultural sexual misconduct against the song:

    Others even suggested that Russia’s meddling may be behind the problem:


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