20:29 GMT23 July 2021
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    An Australian-based condom manufacturer enlisted the help of a number of eager couples to record their experiences and create an extravagant and racy hotel guide.

    Several couples chosen from thousands of entries by LifeStyles Skyn Condoms via an online campaign traveled to hotels around the world to literally test how good these places are in terms of intimacy, with the ‘testing process’ itself involving, what else, sex.

    The records of their experiences were then compiled by the company into the so called Skyn Intimacy Guide, touted as “the guide to the 30 best, highly specific, and incredibly detailed places to get intimate around the world.”

    "The highlight of our room was the broad terrace that boasted a large outdoor rainfall shower head and swing chair hanging from the roof. The chair was a perfect height, and an invitation for us: bathed in sunlight, I lifted Jess into the seat and gently massaged away the journey, gently caressing her, making sure I matched the swinging motion of the suspended chair. She hung there happily in my arms," wrote Justin Engelke, describing his stay at the Atlantic Byron Bay in Australia with his girlfriend, Jessica D’Argent.

    "All there is between you and the outside world is the draped gauze of a mosquito net. Draw it and you have the sounds and scents of the bush, but you are within the luxury of your own private palace. So, grab yourselves a bottle of Sexy Beast Cab Sav, run a hot bath, and beckon your partner to join you gazing out across the paperbark and eucalyptus trees…" writes another couple, chronicling their escapades at the Paperback Camp.

    The competition was held in several countries, including the United States, Australia, France, Italy and Poland, resulting in a compendium that contains vivid and intimate descriptions of some 30 locales.


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