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    Polar fox

    Impudence Wins: Arctic Fox Returns to Fisherman to Get Fish, Brings Its Friend

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    The polar fox, which became a YouTube star thanks to a fisherman from Yamal, returned again for fish and brought his shy fox friend with him.

    A month ago, YouTube user Ildar Biktimirov published a video in which the animal tried to pull out the capelin from the hole, despite the objections of the fisherman. In the end, the man nevertheless yielded to the persistence of the Arctic fox.

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    This time, Biktimirov himself offered fish to an animal. "Buddy, do you know that you've become a YouTube star?", he asked the fox.

    Youtube / ViralVidzy
    The fisherman called the Arctic fox Pushok, which is a Russian equivalent for "fluffy."

    On the video, Biktimirov promised to fatten the animal, referring to the comments, that users left to his previous videos, which say that the fox is probably starving.

    The man gave fish to Pushok and the other fox that came with it, although the latter was afraid to go too close. Pushok, on the contrary, turned out to be fearless, as he even tried to climb fisherman's snowmobile.


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