01:16 GMT04 March 2021
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    With sex dolls gradually becoming more and more advanced, one business venture is poised to create a model that is expected to be much more than mere tool for satiating one’s carnal desires.

    EXDOLL, a sex doll manufacturer based in the Chinese city of Dalian, is preparing to roll out its latest creation – a lifelike automaton that can recognize human speech, play several musical instruments, possesses rudimentary medical expertise and can generally act as a full-fledged companion.

    A prototype talking sex doll called Xiaodie is fitted with a WiFi port which not only allows it to receive instructions from its owner and surf the Internet, but also to interact with home appliances fitted with appropriate communication equipment.

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    EXDOLL creations are intended to act as companions and assistants for lonely bachelors, as men in China still outnumber women by the millions, and to provide care for the elderly.


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