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    Fata Morgana

    Rare Fata Morgana Seen in Russia's Subarctic (PHOTO)

    © CC BY 2.0 / Alan Light / Fata Morgana beyond Hut Point
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    Residents of Apatity, a city in Murmansk Region, were lucky enough to witness a rare optical illusion caused by a dramatic drop in temperatures known as Fata Morgana.

    The creepy effect was captured by Valery Demin, a researcher at the Arctic Geophysical Institute. "When several layers of different temperatures form in the athmospere, it causes the lense-effect deflecting the sunshine. This so-called superior mirage can be either stretched or inverted."

    Demin adds this odd phenomenon only occurs during winter and requires a combination of factors: cold still air, clear sky and no clouds. The woods and mountains are reflected in the mirage as if it were "a busted kaleidoscope".

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    The Murmansk Weather Service office reports the Kola Peninsula has been under the influence of an anticyclone centered in the North Urals resulting in especially cold weather in the Subarctic.




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