17:20 GMT23 July 2021
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    Other than their military reputation, the Israeli Defense Forces are also well known for their trademark promotional videos.

    In the current age of digital technologies and the free flow of information, it becomes especially important for the world’s militaries to maintain their public image in order to ensure popular support at home and to attract potential recruits to bolster their ranks.

    So let’s take a look at how the Israeli Defense Forces handle this task.

    This is how IDF touts the training regimen of a commando brigade.

    ​And this is how IDF promotes installing sturdy doors of its own design.

    ​While trying to locate a sniper sounds a little like playing ‘Where’s Waldo’, the latter definitely won’t try to shoot back.

    ​And when people who were exempt from mandatory military service still opt to enlist, it may be a good idea to pay tribute to them…

    ​… as well as to wish a good weekend to your special forces.


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