11:30 GMT05 July 2020
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    Anomalously low temperatures reaching -42 Celsius, icy winds and blizzards that have been dominating Kazakhstan since January 21st threaten not only the lives of its citizens.

    The abnormally cold weather, which has persisted over the last several days, makes the life of various animals on the street a living hell. Homeless animals in various parts of the country suffer from the severe weather conditions, except they are unlikely to be saved from freezing to death.

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    Many inhabitants of Astana witnessed a dreadful picture when they left their homes in the morning after another extremely cold night. Street animals that simply froze while on the move, forming creepy icy statues as shown in one of the videos posted on YouTube:

    WARNING: The following video is graphic and may offend sensibilities

    This year, January temperatures in Kazakhstan came close to reaching the record of —51.6 Celsius set on January 5, 1893. The last time the country experienced such extreme weather was in January 2006.


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