23:34 GMT23 July 2021
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    YouTube star Logan Paul has been slammed on social media for uploading a “disrespectful” video, showing a dead body, to his channel, while he was in Japan.

    Paul, who has 15 million subscribers on YouTube, posted a video on Sunday, featuring him and his friends going to the Aokigahara forest, a notorious suicide spot near Mount Fuji. Later they come across a hanging body, which they continue filming from several angles and make jokes about their discovery.

    Despite the fact that the video was later removed from his channel, it had already received millions of views.

    Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees, Aokigahara, Yamanashi
    Suicide Forest or Sea of Trees, Aokigahara, Yamanashi

    Paul has apologized on his Twitter for what he did, saying he wanted to raise public awareness about suicide and save lives, claiming that he was not doing it for the views.

    Despite Paul’s apology, the incident has sparked outrage among social media users, who labeled him “disgusting” and “disrespectful.”

    Twitter was literally set afire…

    The Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul slammed Logan for his deed:

    Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones blasted him as well:

    Singer Rebecca Black tweeted:

    Famous journalists, doctors and Paul’s fellow bloggers have also shared their feelings about the incident:

    Japan’s suicide rate is the sixth highest in the world as of year 2017, according to The Japan Times. The Aokigahara forest has a reputation of being one of the most popular suicide sites in the country. Unlike other religions where people are taught that suicide is a sin, Buddhism and the samurai culture consider ritual suicide, known as hara-kiri, an honorable way to take responsibility.

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