20:55 GMT23 September 2020
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    Apple's attempts to reach out to the public after being busted deliberately slowing down its older model smartphones has apparently resulted in limited success at best, as people used Twitter to give the company a piece of their mind.

    Shortly after admitting that the company had deliberately slowed down older iPhones in order to compensate for degrading batteries, Apple issued an apology letter to its customers.

    The tech giant claimed that “there's been a lot of misunderstanding about this issue” and promised to decrease the out-of-warranty cost of replacing iPhone 6 batteries.

    A great number of people on Twitter, however, were not amused by this PR move.

    Some of them pointed out that the apology itself rings hollow because Apple issued it only after the company already had to admit its wrongdoing.

    Others remarked that they would like something more substantial as compensation rather than a simple apology.


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