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    L.A. Noir Gets VR Remaster, Lands in Waves of Virtual Trolling (VIDEO)

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    Give people freedom and what do they do about it? A recent YouTube video gives a vivid example of what a man does with his freedom in the world of virtual reality.

    Problems with movement and control of the character turned out to be the least problem of a reworked L.A. Noir. A video has emerged on a popular YouTube channel, devoted to the VR remaster of an iconic Rockstar video game, where the author uses absolute control over the main character's hands for purposes far from catching bad guys in Los Angeles in the late 40s.

    Detective Cole Phelps, a WWII veteran, parties hard (alone in front of his mirror), harasses pedestrians and colleagues, kicking and slapping them and even performs tricks with his hat in front of the mirror and a house full of armed bandits. As one character in the video says, "L.A.'s finest… God help us!"

    Obviously the authors of the game made the VR remaster hoping for a better gaming experience and immersion, but probably never expected that gamers would use newly gained in-game freedom in such ways. Otherwise they would probably have prepared non-player characters (whose lack of proper reactions only adds to the comedy) for unexpected behavior of the detective messing around with their stuff.

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    This is not the first video of a game's VR remaster where people are using given freedom to fool around — a year ago another YouTube channel posted gameplay video of Batman: Arkham VR, which suggests what a famous comic book character would do on drugs.


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