18:32 GMT18 June 2021
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    An emotionally charged Facebook post that went viral has reunited a mother who gave birth outside a strip club with the woman that helped her through the ordeal.

    After being turned away from a hospital during Christmastime last year, a British woman, Lizzie Hines, delivered her son Louis outside a strip club on Tottenham Court Road in central London. This week, Hines made an emotional appeal on Facebook in the hopes of finding those that came to her rescue on one December morning just before Christmas last year, Metro.co.uk reports.

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    The post went viral, and as a result of the thousands of people who shared her story. It took only a day for the woman that gave Hines her scarf to wrap the baby in to be found. The British news website goes on to say that this Christmas story led many to claim that their "faith in humanity" had been restored.

    Thinking that she was helping someone being mugged, Yasika Moorthy, the woman who gave Hines her scarf, said that she felt a "flush of emotions" when she saw Hines' post, and began to recollect how she felt during the ordeal.

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    "All I could think at that moment was for baby to be warm and both mummy and baby to be safe. It is so heartwarming that he is still wrapped by my scarf," Moorthy said, according to Metro.

    Hines recalls lying down and looking around at the commuters around her, seeing their ankles and knowing what was going to happen.

    "I don't remember getting up off the pavement, the cheers of strangers declaring it a "Christmas miracle!" the faces of the people, or who wrapped us up," Hines said, writes Metro.

    Hines says that there was one person who ran to get a wheelchair, while an off-duty doctor, at first thinking she was drunk, came forth through the crowd and declared Louis healthy.

    "Thankfully Louis was absolutely fine and this was a euphoric and beautiful birth, and a strangely festive entrance," Hines said, reports Metro.

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