05:29 GMT09 March 2021
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    Even though the spinner craze has almost passed, some animals still find this toy pretty amusing! This talented resident of the Chelyabinsk Zoo finds true delight in spinning the toy, and zoo employees are now considering to make one especially for the animal.

    Maya, a fox from the zoo in Chelyabinsk, loves to play with fidget spinners. She stretches her paws through the enclosure bars to spin the toy the very moment zoo keepers show it to her. Each time Maya uses different paws to hit the spinner, making it go faster and faster.

    The video was captured by animal keepers and shared on the Chelyabinsk Zoo official page on vk.com, and it has quickly gone viral.

    The zoo staff now plans to make a spinner from natural materials so that Maya could play with it by herself.


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