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    Keaton Jones is ,filmed by his mother Kimberly Jones, crying and asking why he is being bullied at school

    Viral Bullying Story Turns Dark as Keaton Jones’ Mom Outed as Racist Scammer

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    Over the weekend, hearts melted and poured out for Keaton Jones, an 11-year-old from Knoxville, Tennessee, who was bullied by fellow classmates at school, after his mother posted a video of him on social media.

    Filmed by Kimberly Jones, his mother, the boy is shown crying while he repeatedly questioned why he was being targeted at school. According to the post, her son was so afraid to go to lunch that he would instead call home to be picked up.

    ​Dozens of people, including celebrities like Chris Evans, Millie-Bobby Brown and Mark Ruffalo commented, telling Jones to be strong and even going as far as inviting him to movie premieres and sporting events.

    ​But while people were quick to show their support for Keaton, there was something dark going on under the surface. Investigative netizens soon found out that Jones' mother had some rather negative thoughts come Monday morning.

    ​And to top it off, there also seemed to be a money scam going on, too.

    According to MMA fighter Joe Schilling, after he reached out to Jones' mom to invite Keaton out to Los Angeles for a show, he discovered that recent GoFundMe page dubbed "Stand Up For Keaton" was none other than a ploy to get money.

    "I feel pretty stupid right now people, I was pretty moved by Keaton Jones' video, so I reached out to his mom," Schilling said in his Instagram post Monday. "And, um, she just wants money, she just want me to share her GofundMe account."

    But the conversation later took an even more upsetting turn once Jones reportedly came forward asking Schilling, "what happened to us whites sticking together and helping one of another against the predator?"

    ​The funding page for Keaton currently has over $58,000. Jones wasn't going to stay mum, though. Speaking with Fox News, she told the outlet that the claims were "untrue."

    "I did not tell him that I would rather have donations instead of the help from celebrities," Jones said in an Instagram direct message.

    Regardless, the critics have spoken their truth and aren't exactly here for the campaign.


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