21:40 GMT23 November 2020
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    A YouTube prank gone awry resulted in a young man ending with his head stuck in a microwave full of wet cement, leaving the local fire department which leapt to his rescue "seriously unimpressed."

    Jimmy Swinger, a 22-year old Briton and one of the authors of the TGFbro YouTube channel managed to land himself in a bizarre predicament after he deliberately stuck his head into a microwave oven filled with wet cement.

    The YouTuber and his friends apparently intended to use the microwave as a mold, but then something went wrong and Swinger found himself unable to extricate his head from the cement. Fortunately, his friends managed to slip Swinger an air tube to enable him to breathe, allowing the hapless prankster to survive until the emergency services arrived.

    Warning – Strong Language

    Shaun Dakin, West Midlands Fire Service Watch Commander and the officer in charge of a response crew that rushed to Swinger’s aid, pointed out that “taking the microwave apart was tricky, because a lot of it was welded,” adding that his team had to call their technical rescue colleagues, according to Metro.

    It took the five firemen about an hour to rescue the hapless YouTuber, leaving the fire service "seriously unimpressed."

    ​Swinger’s ordeal left Twitter audience baffled and amused, with people cracking jokes and wondering how the prankster came up with this idea in the first place.

    ​At least one person took offense with the West Midlands Fire Service’s tweet, blasting them for allegedly being unimpressed by "responding to a call where someone’s life is in danger."

    ​Others however pointed out that Swinger basically forced the responders to devote precious time and resources to rescue him from a rather stupid, albeit dangerous, predicament which could’ve been easily avoided in the first place.


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