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    Wait and See: 'Invisible Box' Stunt is Latest Viral Sensation (VIDEOS)

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    Remember planking, the Harlem Shake, the Ice Bucket and Mannequin Challenges? Following in the footsteps of these insanely popular activities, the Invisible Box craze has recently occupied the minds of countless internet users, after one American cheerleader published her impressive take on the gravity-defying trick.

    A mind-blowing video published to Twitter by Ariel Olivar, a cheerleader from Texas who absolutely nailed the illusion, has recently gone viral. The trick is to fool the brain into believing that the participant is stepping over an invisible box in front of him by patting the air and then steadily placing one foot several inches above the ground.

    Since being posted on December 1, Ariel's amazing clip, recorded on the sideline of a football game, has left thousands of netizens scratching their heads and inspired many of them to try their hand (and feet) at repeating the stunt.

    Several enthusiasts shared their attempts in the comments to the cheerleader's tweet, which has received more than 262,000 likes and almost 132,000 retweets so far.

    Thinking outside the box, one user decided to perform the trick in his own way.

    Here are some other successful attempts to step over the invisible obstacle.

    As some Twitterians discovered, this stunt has been seen on the network before — in August, one user shared his take on the challenge, which had also triggered a chain of reactions.


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