22:17 GMT21 October 2020
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    A bus ride went hilariously wrong, when one of the passengers had to be taken into police custody for a very curious reason... smelly socks.

    According to the Hindustan Times, Prakash Kumar, 27 was involved in a bizarre incident with  fellow passengers, when he decided to wind down and take off his shoes, whilst riding on a bus to Delhi.

    Apparently, the smell from Kumar's socks was so unbearable that other travelers repeatedly told him to either put them in a sealed bag or throw them away.

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    Kumar failed to comply, dismissing the complaints, thus escalating tensions with the other bus riders, who found themselves caught in gas trap inadvertently created by Kumar.

    The driver had to stop multiple times in a desperate effort to spare the nostrils of other passengers and make Kumar throw out his socks.

    Despite these efforts, Kumar remained adamant about keeping his undergarments on, forcing fellow passengers to tell the driver to pull over at the Bharwain police station, where they filed a formal complaint against the young man

    Kumar was then charged with causing a "public nuisance" and arrested by the police.

    Speaking to the BBC, a local police spokesperson stated that the trouble-maker was subsequently released on bail and lodged a complaint of his own, arguing that his socks did not actually stink and other passengers bothered him for "no reason."


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