18:33 GMT04 December 2020
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    The move came after a German gynecologist was fined a hefty 6,000 euros for offering abortions on her website.

    German Minister of Justice Heiko Maas has called for the abolishment of paragraph 219a of the German penal code, which prohibits the advertising of abortions.

    The paragraph is "a relic of the Nazi era," the politician explained, causing controversial reactions among the population.

    Some people believe that the advertising of abortions shouldn't be allowed

    55 million killings of unborn humans per year are a huge market. Advertising could significantly increase the number of killings and corresponding profits.

    ​Birth rates will probably only decrease, because of advertising of abortions hanging on every corner.

    …while others think that women should be informed about their opportunities and make choices by themselves.

    ​No irony. I think that's good. Women with unintended pregnancy should be able to keep in mind where they can go before it is too late. Where they are taken seriously and are not lectured. It's also an act against taboo and stigma. Abortion is necessary. Respect!

    According to Maas, medical workers should be allowed to inform patients about abortions and advertise openly.

    The initiative came after a German doctor from the city of Gießen was obliged to pay a fine of 6,000 euros last month by a local district court for listing abortions on her website among the services she offered in her clinic.

    The current law explicitly prohibits the "advertising" of abortion. But this was not the case here, rather merely factual information. In this respect, [it was] a false judgment.

    The legal provision prohibiting the advertising of abortion has been vividly debated in Germany for the last few years.

    While opponents of the law believe that the legal provision makes it difficult for women to receive information on abortion services in extreme cases, supporters are confident that abortion can't be offered as an ordinary medical service and shouldn't be openly promoted.


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