07:11 GMT19 September 2020
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    Throughout the year, people from dozens of cities around the globe had reported hearing inexplicable ground-shaking sounds, with the most recent noises noticed in Manchester, UK, and Alabama, US. The mysterious phenomenon has left netizens and experts scratching their heads as they try to find a reasonable explanation.

    According to residents of Manchester, loud bangs were heard outside on November 22. However, nobody noticed anything that could have been the source of the sound.

    Just several days before that, people in Alabama also heard deafening sounds, dubbed the "Bama Boom." It was so powerful that their houses shook and windows rattled. Puzzled and terrified, people took to social networks to share their thoughts.

    The National Meteorological Service of Birmingham and James Spann, a local TV meteorologist, also shared their suggestions about the nature of the sound.

    However, the head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, Bill Cooke, told ABC 3340 the noise might have been caused by tests of a supersonic aircraft, but the US Air Force hasn't yet confirmed this information.

    The disturbing sounds were even captured on video.

    Fans of the "Stranger Things" series fantasized that the sounds could have been some otherworldly dark forces trying to reach humanity.

    The origin of those mysterious "booms" still remains unclear.

    Meanwhile, similar reports have been appearing for a while from different parts of the world, including Idaho (US), Cairns (Australia), Abergavenny (Wales) and Lapland (Finland). Another mysterious sound resembling a trumpet was heard from the sky above the Iranian city of Astara in August.


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