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    Airing Dirty Laundry: Worn Panties Become Hot Commodity in Denmark

    © CC BY 2.0 / Jack Lawrence / Knickers Noir
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    Used underwear has surprisingly enough become a saleable article on the Danish market. A group of entrepreneurial naughty young ladies have started selling their panties to hungry aficionados at reasonable prices after having discovered the huge demand for the slightly worn items.

    At the ungpigetrusser.dk website, prospective buyers can acquire worn underwear provided by anonymous young girls.

    The buyers, who are invited to savor the "wet and juicy" goods, are promised discretion and anonymity. A demanding customer can thus choose between underwear used for sleeping, working, training, and even masturbating and sex.

    "I am a cheeky ginger girl who sells everything according to your needs. Just write, so we'll think of something," a more modest kind of ad says, whereas others arguably take things beyond the pale.

    Judging by their nom de plumes, some of the girls apparently work at retail outlets such as Føtex and Rema 1000.

    Coop information manager Jens Juul is not exactly pleased with his employees' entrepreneurial spirit.

    "There is an inappropriate link between work and their private lives," Juul told the BT tabloid daily. He stressed, however, that as long as the women did so under the veil of anonymity, the company would take no action to stop their little business.

    Mia, the 27-year-old student behind the website, said that although it is a niche market, there is big money to be earned. The ladies aged between 18 and 30 are all verified, with "guaranteed quality."

    The website charges women DKK 100 ($16) a month for the privilege of advertising themselves. The price of worn knickers varies between DKK 200 and 600 ($32-95) a pair.

    According to Mia, each girl receives between 100 and 150 requests per month, which implies considerable profits.

    "It is often family fathers who are buying," she said. "So they of course must be sent somewhere other than the home address. I do not understand it myself, but they obviously get something out of it."

    The website also maintains accounts on Instagram and Facebook, where interested buyers can familiarize themselves with the assortment. Also, girls are invited to bring along their female friends and colleagues, who might be interested in little extra cash.


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