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    GoPro Got Covered by Lava

    GoPro Camera Survives Molten Lava, Captures Mesmerizing VIDEO

    © Photo: Facebook / Kīlauea EcoGuides
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    A hardy little GoPro camera has caught an amazing, one-of-a-kind video of molten lava approaching and engulfing it. Despite being seared in liquid rock, the gadget refused to turn off and shared its images with its forgetful owner. Take a look.

    Hawaiian tour operator Erik Storm is the owner and lead guide at Kilauea EcoGuides, which takes tourists to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.

    Recently he was able to obtain an exceptional video of red-hot lava. Some time ago, he placed his GoPro camera into a crack in the earth to capture the image of an eruption and to film lava flows.

    Erik Storm with his GoPro near molten lava in Hawaii
    Erik Storm with his GoPro near molten lava in Hawaii

    The owner, however, got carried away during his lava hike tour, and only remembered about his gadget after it had become completely engulfed by the lava flow.

    The guide was able to pull it out from the lava using a geology rock hammer. When he brought it back home, he hammered the cooled rock off the GoPro housing.

    Although the camera was completely melted, the footage on the SD card remained amazingly intact, revealing unique shots of lava engulfment.

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