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    Buakaw Por. Pramuk Banchamek

    Legendary Muay Thai Fighter Becomes Buddist Monk, Triggers Photoshop Battle

    © Photo: Facebook / Banchamek Gym
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    Thai kickboxing champion Buakaw Banchamek has swapped the ring for the more sedate environment of a Buddhist monastery; internet users have responded to the news with a wave of fun memes that place Buakaw the monk in an array of incongruous situations.

    Thai boxer Buakaw Banchamek has sparked a fierce photoshop battle after announcing that he has become a Buddhist monk.


    Fans of the fighter, who has also starred in the martial arts movie Yamada: The Samurai of Ayothaya, were informed about his move on the Facebook page of the Banchamek Gym where he trains.



    Публикация от BUAKAW BANCHAMEK (@buakaw1) Окт 16 2017 в 7:24 PDT

    Buakaw just before his entry into the monastery.

    Buakaw is serving as a Buddhist monk for nine days, as a tribute to deceased Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Adulyadej died on October 13 last year aged 88, after 70 years on the throne. Thailand is still in a year-long period of mourning for the king, whose funeral takes place this week.

    Photographs from Buakaw's ordainment show the fighter in a yellow robe with a shaved head and eyebrows, a traditional symbol of Buddhist monks' priestly status.

    The photoshop battle was dubbed, A muscle-ridden Monk sweeping a sidewalk
    The photoshop battle was dubbed, "A muscle-ridden Monk sweeping a sidewalk"

    A photograph of Buakaw sweeping the monastery floor was soon picked up by users of Reddit's Photoshop Battles section, who have used Buakaw's new image to come up with some memorable juxtapositions.

    Baukaw and Muhammed Ali
    Buakaw and Muhammed Ali

    The most popular image depicted Muhammed Ali on the canvas alongside a victorious Buakaw.

    Buakaw weightlifting
    Buakaw weightlifting
    Another popular suggestion was an image of Buakaw casually holding some weights as a South Korean powerlifter struggles in the foreground.

    Buakaw as a warrier in the movie 300
    Buakaw as a warrier in the movie 300

    One image showed  Buakaw in a battle scene from the epic war movie 300, while another showed Baukaw aboard a ship with George Washington on a famous 1851 oil-canvas-painting depicting the US President's crossing of the Delaware.

    Washington Crossing the Delaware, with Buakow
    Washington Crossing the Delaware, with Buakow


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