16:04 GMT24 September 2020
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    Shoppers in a North German town were running for their lives on Saturday after two wild boars charged into local shops; one of the boar attacks was captured on video.

    Two wild boars caused havoc in the town of Heide, northern Germany on Saturday morning when they ran into shops and attacked local people, the Rheinische Post reports.

    Four people were injured in the attack, a part of which was captured on a surveillance video. The footage shows the boar running furiously into an optician's and charging around the rooms as employees try to stay out of its way.

    One of the boars also charged into a local bank, where it injured the bank manager. Police turned to local hunters in an effort to apprehend the boars, and they managed to shoot dead one of the animals. The other boar escaped and local people were told not to leave their homes for several hours. Police gave the all-clear at 12pm, when the boar was spotted leaving the vicinity of the town.


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