09:08 GMT21 January 2021
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    Anger, resentment and embarrassment - Hillary Clinton faces a fierce backlash on social media after comparing Russia's alleged attempts to influence the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election to 9/11.

    The former Democratic presidential nominee has repeatedly cited "Russian meddling" as the main reason why she lost the presidential race; but when she described it is as "cyber 9/11 in the sense it was an attack on our instititions" she definitely crossed the line, based upon the reaction in social media.

    Fox News contributor Andrew Lawrence said on Twitter that it is "disgusting" to compare election meddling allegations to a tragedy that claimed thousands of lives.

    ​Twitter users fiercely criticized Clinton’s remark, calling her "offensive," "disgraceful," "stupid" etc.

    ​Some also pointed out that the Russian meddling allegations are fake.

    ​During her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton made numerous claims about Russia’s attempts to meddle in the electoral process in order to damage her chance for presidency.

    In her recently released book "What Happened," Clinton has once again claimed that the Kremlin and so-called "Russian hackers" are to blame for her defeat in the US election. Moscow had repeatedly denied the claims of Russia's alleged interference in the US election, calling them "absurd" and aimed at distracting the public’s attention from pressing domestic issues.


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