16:41 GMT24 November 2020
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    In life, difficult decisions must be made. For one brave toddler, a momentous decision came sooner than expected when she was faced with a buttery batch of popcorn at the Toronto Invictus Games Wednesday night.

    This delicious kernel-popped goodness wasn't sitting in a parent's lap, though. It actually belonged to a certain ginger royal who goes by the name of Prince Harry (or just Harry if you've got it like that).

    ​Without even a Hamburgler-esque disguise, Emily Henson, the two-year-old tot, swooped in for some popcorn without giving her future life of crime a second thought. And she didn't just do it once — she came back to the well — er, bucket — several times!

    Since the shocking news broke, it's been estimated the kiddo spent nearly a minute taking bits and pieces of the freshly made treat as the 33-year-old royal watched the semi-final sitting volleyball game between the United Kingdom and Denmark.

    ​Once she was finally caught, the game was on and the prince was ready to retaliate.

    First, he teasingly pulled the box out of her reach, and then went on a "let's make silly faces at each other" rant before ultimately giving into Her Adorableness and handing over the golden treats.

    ​The playful back-and-forth didn't end there. Later on in the night the two were spotted messing about in game of "You want this piece? Nah, you can't have it."

    ​While we likely won't ever know if she was practicing her inner viking raiding skills or if it was just a case of the munchies, the internet melted into full-on cuteness overload.

    ​Emily is the child of David Henson, a former royal engineer who lost both his legs to an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2011.


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