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    Ultimate Meme: This Monkey Getting a Haircut Can Be Photoshopped Into Anything

    CC BY 2.0 / Eden, Janine and Jim / Monkey
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    The latest meme featuring an elegant macaque at the barbershop has completely taken over social networks around the world, and Internet users can’t get enough of it.

    Sometimes, huge memes blast out of nowhere. A cute video of a young monkey getting a fresh haircut was uploaded on Facebook back in February, but has only recently inspired a storm of hilarious collages. After a still image from this footage suddenly resurfaced and made the viral rounds on the web, Internet users realized it can become an ideal meme.

    The possibilities are endless: the primate can literally fit into any other image.

    The general pattern of the meme is to insert the monkey and the barber's arm into another photo so it looks like someone else appears to be giving the monkey a haircut.

    Somebody has even created a separate twitter account for the most successful examples.


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