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'By Engaging in FIFA 2018 I Feel I'll Receive High-Quality Training' - Volunteer

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Russia will host the World Cup for the first time in its history. The games are scheduled to take place in 12 arenas in 11 cities. Sputnik spoke with Afolabi Olaniyi Olatokunbo, volunteer for the World Cup from Nigeria, asking him about his experience.

Sputnik: Can you tell us if you have any experience of volunteering in any other major events like the FIFA world Cup?

Afolabi Olaniyi Olatokunbo: My friends who participated in this event mostly worried; I also volunteered and initially they shared with me; I felt intrigued and excited about that… then they also put in my application. I was recruited in Russia; in Moscow and Ukraine.

Sputnik: Have you been told what you'll be doing as a volunteer during the FIFA World Cup?

Afolabi Olaniyi Olatokunbo: Yes I'm aware I'll be participating in the medical studies and the doping will be at my top choice.

Sputnik: Is that going to be very strict during the World Cup? What do you think?

Afolabi Olaniyi Olatokunbo:  Yes — In that area I have some knowledge but I think participating in this global event would be quality people, who are experiences in that area; I could get more experience. The high quality of the training I will receive there will really help me get more experience.

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Sputnik: When will you arrive? You'll be going through training once you arrive, is that correct?

Afolabi Olaniyi Olatokunbo: Yes, there'll be training…once we arrive, two days before I start my schedule. My schedule is to commence on the 11th of June all through end of July so I hope to arrive to Moscow on the 9th of June. I'll be participating in the Sochi stadium.

Sputnik: Nigeria is taking part in the World Cup this year. Is that correct?

Afolabi Olaniyi Olatokunbo: Yes, exactly. In Group D.

Sputnik: What do you think of the chances for your national team?

Afolabi Olaniyi Olatokunbo: Looking at the content that we have, I think we'll stand a chance because Croatia is not a very strong team in our opinion. I think the only solid opponent there is Argentina. So I think we'll come through, giving us the top position. And they're going to be a top act.

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Sputnik: What do you think of the Russia's national soccer team? What do you think their chances are? They haven't done too well before but maybe being and playing at home will change…

Afolabi Olaniyi Olatokunbo: They haven't done too well especially the recent friendly games that they had; the performance hasn't been very spectacular. But you know, football is a game of surprise and anything can happen. And also I believe that being a host country that holds a lot of advantages there. They can go on reaching their victory. I believe in the host country the effort had been put in to ensure the maximum output of the player, so I think Russia will come out well.

Sputnik: What else can you tell us about this experience? What does it mean for you to get this experience to travel to Russia?

Afolabi Olaniyi Olatokunbo: The experience for me was a great one; you know I said that earlier on I stayed in Russia; I got my medical education there. I came to experience a socialist country, and in two years the Soviet Union broke down and I experienced a year of indecision because of those freedoms that people had. So I'd like to revisit the place again and see how things are.  From reports I hear from my patient visitors, the people are very welcoming, things are working out.

The views of the speaker do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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