02:30 GMT14 August 2020
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    • Puppy
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 27.07.2020
      04:30 GMT 27.07.2020

      We’re Going Shopping: Golden Retriever Puppy Rides in Cart

      Golden retrievers are very friendly dogs and are usually ready to help us with just about anything in our daily routine, including cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

    • Puppy
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 26.07.2020
      16:00 GMT 26.07.2020

      Test Failed: Puppy Does a Somersault When Chasing a Ball

      All children like to play, run, and jump, and puppies are no different. Little dogs learn and practise chasing, bouncing, biting, wrestling, and sniffing through games and entertainment.

    • Last update: 11:00 GMT 26.07.2020
      11:00 GMT 26.07.2020

      Wait for It: Sheep Lazily Headbutts Cow Leaving Pasture

      Clever, friendly, and loves good company, but not humans...who are we talking about? Some may answer without giving it a second thought, but we're talking about sheep here.

    • Last update: 04:30 GMT 26.07.2020
      04:30 GMT 26.07.2020

      Dog Cleaning Guide for Dummies: Golden Retriever Gets Vacuum-Cleaned

      Everybody knows that cats and dogs are often frightened by vacuum cleaners – and who can blame them? These strange objects with a scary roar are, in fact, a bit intimidating.

    • Shark Dog
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 25.07.2020
      16:00 GMT 25.07.2020

      A Woof in Shark's Clothing: Two Doggies Hit the Beach Dressed to Kill

      Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water after the poorly-conceived beach closures that accompanied the coronavirus lockdowns, these "two spoiled pupperinos" have arrived on the scene like a sharknado.

    • Dog eats
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 25.07.2020
      11:00 GMT 25.07.2020

      'Bean There Done That': Doggo Gobbles Up Burrito With Human Pal

      For thousands of years, dogs have lived next to us and eaten the scraps from our tables. But why not get even more comfortable?

    • Labrador Retriever Pup Helps Fetching Parcel
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 25.07.2020
      04:30 GMT 25.07.2020

      Labrador Retriever Pup Helps Fetching Parcel

      We love our pets and do everything to provide for them, but what if we need some help ourselves? Well, it looks like some animals are always ready to come to the rescue - because they love us as much as we adore them.

    • Playing time!
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 24.07.2020
      16:00 GMT 24.07.2020

      Nanny Goose and Adorable Puppy

      Many dog owners are interested in the question of how to play with a dog, because dogs are very active and mobile. Before you buy a pet, you should understand this. Through play, the animal can sharpen its instincts and skills, and learn to communicate both with the owner and with children.

    • Baby rhino loves a good brushing
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 24.07.2020
      11:00 GMT 24.07.2020

      Cute Baby Rhino Loves to Be Groomed

      With the exception of elephants, rhinos are the largest land mammals on the planet - they range in length from 2 to 5 metres, are 1-3 metres tall and weigh 1-3.6 tonnes.

    • Dog
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 24.07.2020
      04:30 GMT 24.07.2020

      'Struggle is Real': Golden Retriever Puppy's Bench Conquest Goes Awry

      The higher you climb, the harder you fall, they say. This adorable pooch's goal was rather modest - it simply tried to get on a bench. Yet even this task was beyond his capacity - after all, he is not to blame that his paws are still short and his leash is too tight.

    • Dog Takes on Air Compressor
      Last update: 21:02 GMT 23.07.2020
      21:02 GMT 23.07.2020

      Dog Takes on Air Compressor

      Some people have interesting hobbies or perhaps enjoy doing unusual things. That includes our animals and pets, as a small yet mighty canine in the Lone Star State demonstrated earlier this week.

    • Lizard Defends Itself From Dogs
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 23.07.2020
      16:00 GMT 23.07.2020

      Huge Reptile Goes Head to Head With Two Dogs

      The owner of the dogs, who was walking with them in the vicinity of a small village in Thailand, witnessed their brief battle with a monitor lizard.

    • See ya later
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 23.07.2020
      11:00 GMT 23.07.2020

      Bad Time to Turn Turtle: Man Rescues Helpless Tortoise from Alligators

      It is unclear how this poor reptile turned upside down, but one thing is known for sure - if this brave man hadn't noticed its predicament, things could have taken a very tragic turn.

    • Dog
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 23.07.2020
      04:30 GMT 23.07.2020

      They Call Me Retriever For a Reason: Amusing Golden in Boots Rescues Toy from Swimming Pool

      Golden retrievers have been bred to pick up shot game without damaging it - hence the second part of their name. They are also unafraid of water because of this, as sometimes these dogs have to retrieve game from bodies of water.

    • Precious Baby Kitten Loves Getting Pampered
      Last update: 20:36 GMT 22.07.2020
      20:36 GMT 22.07.2020

      Precious Baby Kitten Loves Getting Pampered

      Everybody loves receiving loving treatment and getting pampered - including our pets, as one tiny, precious furball recently demonstrated.

    • Monkeys Aren't Fond of Car's Windshield Wash Jets
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 22.07.2020
      16:00 GMT 22.07.2020

      Two Monkeys Steal Windshield Washer Jets From Cars

      Humans aren't the only primates to have opposable thumbs, and apparently are not the only ones capable of having sticky fingers. Monkeys in parks around the world have been sighted stealing from humans, and will often demand ransom in the form of edible treats.

    • Golden Retriever
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 22.07.2020
      04:30 GMT 22.07.2020

      I'll Sleep on It: Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy Licks Water From Bowl While in Deep Slumber

      Puppies need a lot of sleep in order to grow big and healthy. Besides this, being a puppy can be exhausting with all that running around and playing all day long. It's no wonder the little hero of this video fell asleep in such unusual circumstances.

    • Athletic German Shepherd Nails Precise Long Jump Into Pool
      Last update: 22:45 GMT 21.07.2020
      22:45 GMT 21.07.2020

      Athletic German Shepherd Nails Precise Long Jump Into Pool

      We each have different talents, with athleticism being on the list of possible strengths. Our canine family members also have some impressive skills, as one vigorous pup recently demonstrated.

    • You can’t help everyone But everyone can help someone
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 21.07.2020
      16:00 GMT 21.07.2020

      Reptilian Uber? Turtle Carries Hatchling on Its Back

      Turtles appear to be great and beautiful pets but they require a varied and, at times, messy diet, enough room to roam in an aquarium, and strict temperature control.

    • If you're having a bad day, here's a panda trying to get in a hammock
      Last update: 11:30 GMT 21.07.2020
      11:30 GMT 21.07.2020

      When You Have a Bad Day: Panda Tries to Get Into a Hammock

      One of the cutest animals in the world, giant pandas are curious and playful, especially when they're young. These animals are known to be cuddly, gentle creatures that are super lazy.