20:23 GMT03 June 2020
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    • Will be confused
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 18.05.2020
      16:00 GMT 18.05.2020

      It is an Impostor! Adorable Alpacas Run Away From a Toy

      Some animals might be easily frightened by strangers, but they have a bunch of reasons to be cautious. But when they see there is no risk, they are always happy to greet everyone, well almost everyone.

    • Spectacular Shelf Cloud Approaching
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 18.05.2020
      11:00 GMT 18.05.2020

      Like a Silent Tsunami: Magnificent Shelf Cloud Looking Like a Huge Wave Approaches People

      Nature can be extremely dangerous, but that's the price for its infinite beauty. Sometimes, when people are lucky enough, they can see something marvelous without any risk – and this is so rare that we should value it very much.

    • Golden Retrievers couple
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 18.05.2020
      04:30 GMT 18.05.2020

      Just the Two of US: Sweet Golden Retriever Couple Relaxing After a Long Day

      Doggos are energetic, always ready to play with us, run for a stick or a bouncing ball, but sometimes even the most prolific pets need some rest. And when they are sleeping they look even more adorable! It seems impossible, perhaps, but it is more than real - and the video below is good proof of it.

    • Tornado
      Last update: 16:28 GMT 17.05.2020
      16:28 GMT 17.05.2020

      Furricane: Amusing Puppies Whirl Around Bowl

      What does it take to make a homemade tornado? You just need four puppies and a bowl full of goodies and there you are, enjoying your own fluffy meteorological phenomenon.

    • Dog in a maze
      Last update: 12:32 GMT 17.05.2020
      12:32 GMT 17.05.2020

      A-Maze-ing Dexterity: Corgi Conquers Labyrinth with Ease

      Like the ancient Greek hero Theseus, this little corgi was faced with a challenge of going through an intricate maze. However, this good boy did not need a ball of thread to find his way back, because he is not only good – he is also very clever.

    • Golden Retriever
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 17.05.2020
      04:30 GMT 17.05.2020

      Happiest Day Ever: Golden Retriever Gets All the Rubs in the World

      Our canine friends love a lot of things: they love to play fetch, to catch a ball, to run around, to swim, and many of them chew and eat everything they see. But all doggos have another weak spot - their common love for belly rubs and being scratched by their humans!

    • Ferret in Bath
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 16.05.2020
      16:00 GMT 16.05.2020

      Going Nuts in the Bath: Adorable Ferret Loves Splashing in Clean Water

      Some animals don't like baths and it is almost impossible to get them in the water, while others are not afraid to get their paws wet. And, of course, there is a completely different option, for those little creatures who love bathing, and want to get as much washing time with their human friends as possible!

    • Husky and German Shepherd
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 16.05.2020
      11:00 GMT 16.05.2020

      No Boundaries for True Love: Husky and German Shepherd Are the Sweetest Couple Ever

      Everybody remembers how romantic our canine friends can be, at least from cartoon classics like Lady and the Tramp or 101 Dalmatians. Some people might even believe it's nothing more than fantasy, but the reality proves otherwise. Doggos can be really sweet, and their love knows no boundaries - both figuratively and literally.

    • Dog
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 16.05.2020
      04:30 GMT 16.05.2020

      You Got a Friend in Me: Golden Retriever and Piglet Chill Together

      Sometimes even completely different creatures can understand each other perfectly, so you shouldn't be surprised when you see a big doggo and a tiny piglet hanging out together. In fact, they have a lot in common, so it is natural they become friends!

    • Bulldog Couple Show Off Gnarly Skateboarding Skills During Date
      Last update: 22:17 GMT 15.05.2020
      22:17 GMT 15.05.2020

      Bulldog Couple Show Off Gnarly Skateboarding Skills During Date

      Ever wanted to go out and do something on a date rather than sitting down for a movie, food, or drinks? Recently, an adorable canine couple demonstrated just how much fun it is to participate in a competitive activity with your loved ones.

    • Break dance
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 15.05.2020
      16:00 GMT 15.05.2020

      Dancing Queen: Little Bird Shows Superior Moves

      Animals and birds can do a lot of cool things people simply can't, but sometimes we all share common interests and skills - like, singing, playing, or even dancing. In fact, some of them might enjoy human music and show us some stylish moves, so we got a lot of things to learn from each other.

    • These little kittens have been here for less than 24 hours and already think that Raylan is their mothe
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 15.05.2020
      11:00 GMT 15.05.2020

      Will You Be Our Friend? Tiny Kittens Ask Big Dog For Help

      While cats may dislike dogs, in dire situations animals stick together and big doggos, of course, are ready to help little felines. Everybody needs a friend, and we definitely know the dogs are the most loyal and caring friends - no matter, if you are a human, a canine, or a small kitten.

    • Golden retriever&chicken
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 15.05.2020
      04:30 GMT 15.05.2020

      What's This? Golden Retriever Puzzled at Seeing New Toy

      If you are too tired to play with your pet, get creative: borrowing a toy from your child could be the solution.

    • Lay Off Pops: Golden Retriever Makes Uncooperative Cat Pose for Family Photo
      Last update: 19:38 GMT 14.05.2020
      19:38 GMT 14.05.2020

      Lay Off Pops: Golden Retriever Makes Uncooperative Cat Pose for Family Photo

      Have you ever tried to take a family portrait? For the photograph to turn out nicely, everyone needs to cooperate and make it work, as a pet family recently demonstrated.

    • Cat
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 14.05.2020
      16:00 GMT 14.05.2020

      Smart Cat Seeks Attention

      Cats are adorable. At the same time, you won’t envy their reputation - many perceive cats as not caring about humans. Many people confuse a sense of independence and individuality with a negative or hostile attitude towards others.

    • Panda Shakes It to Scratch that Itch
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 14.05.2020
      11:00 GMT 14.05.2020

      Lazy Panda Shakes to Scratch

      Many humans who have been trapped inside have been taking to sites like TikTok to show off their dance moves. This panda, who is also confined, is shaking his backside and looks like he might be twerking. But is the Chinese bear interested in likes and shares or does he have more practical concerns in mind?

    • Golden retrievers
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 14.05.2020
      04:30 GMT 14.05.2020

      Family Conflict: Two Golden Retrievers Refuse to Share a Glove

      Spending a quarantine with your family at home 24/7 has turned out to be quite tough for many people nowadays and pets can get upset more often too.

    • Dog Dilemma: Sly Golden Retriever Grabs Biscuit While Owner’s Away
      Last update: 22:29 GMT 13.05.2020
      22:29 GMT 13.05.2020

      Dog Dilemma: Sly Golden Retriever Grabs Biscuit While Owner’s Away

      Training your pets is very important, as it instills in them the behavior desired by their owners. Sometimes, however, some of our pets just cannot resist going against commands, as the reward seems far greater than praise.

    • Game of Thrones: Sneaky Husky Steals Sibling’s Crown
      Last update: 19:51 GMT 13.05.2020
      19:51 GMT 13.05.2020

      Game of Thrones: Sneaky Husky Steals Sibling’s Crown

      Brothers and sisters are oftentimes quick to seize an opportunity to swipe each other’s stuff. Apparently, animal siblings do so as well, as a canine duo in Canada recently demonstrated.

    • Cat
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 13.05.2020
      16:00 GMT 13.05.2020

      Adorable Kitten Imitating Superman

      Cats were tamed by humans about five thousand years ago. In ancient Egypt, there was even a cat cult, sacrifices were made to them, and some Egyptian deities were depicted with the heads of these animals. Cats were considered sacred.