06:02 GMT +321 January 2020
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    • Kind Aussies Rescue Koalas Ahead of Approaching Wildfires
      Last update: 01:47 09.01.2020
      01:47 09.01.2020

      Kind Aussies Rescue Koalas Ahead of Approaching Wildfires

      The utterly devastating wildfires in Australia have continued to scorch the continent, with over a billion animals, including whole species, already feared dead.

    • Last update: 15:00 08.01.2020
      15:00 08.01.2020

      Where's My Buddy Gone? Penguins Lose Their Friend During Trip to the Unknown

      Among the dozens of penguin species around, the Adélie penguin is one of the most widespread, but inhabits only the Antarctic coast.

    • Dog and socks
      Last update: 07:30 08.01.2020
      07:30 08.01.2020

      It's Mine! Golden Retriever Refuses to Return a Sock

      Pet owners know only too well that dogs and cats often prefer things such as clothes and boxes to any toy bought for them in a pet shop.

    • Puppy Pool Paradise: Dozens of Golden Retrievers Enjoy Wet Fête
      Last update: 02:30 08.01.2020
      02:30 08.01.2020

      Puppy Pool Paradise: Dozens of Golden Retrievers Enjoy Wet Fête

      Pool parties with your friends are fun, but pool parties with dozens of your fellow pupper friends reign supreme.

    • Beachy Brazilian Golden Retriever Chills In Sand
      Last update: 22:00 07.01.2020
      22:00 07.01.2020

      Beachy Brazilian Golden Retriever Chills In Sand

      Many beachgoers enjoy burying themselves in the sand while relaxing on the shore, and apparently so does a cool doggo in Brazil.

    • Dog
      Last update: 19:00 07.01.2020
      19:00 07.01.2020

      Dog That Demands Patting

      All dogs are different. Some like patting, some scratching, and some like only gentle and slow stroking. But all dogs have several “weaknesses”.

    • Duck
      Last update: 14:00 07.01.2020
      14:00 07.01.2020

      Teaching a Pet Duck New Tricks

      The domestic duck is a human-bred waterfowl, one of the many and common types of poultry. It flies badly, and not over long distances. It originates from the common wild duck, or mallard. Over the long history of domestication by man, various breeds of ducks have been bred.

    • Dogs
      Last update: 07:30 07.01.2020
      07:30 07.01.2020

      Let's Play! Golden Retriever Puppy 'Wrestles' With Adult Dog

      Watching your pets play or even fight with each other (in a friendly way) can be fascinating.

    • Hogwild: Escaped Pigs Explore Russian Supermarket
      Last update: 22:19 06.01.2020
      22:19 06.01.2020

      Hogwild: Escaped Pigs Explore Russian Supermarket

      At some point in time, all of us have felt a bit gluttonous while shopping for food. This common feeling seems to have manifested itself quite literally when a group of pigs broke into a supermarket to enjoy some food and libations.

    • Cat massage
      Last update: 19:00 06.01.2020
      19:00 06.01.2020

      From Scratching Post to Rub-Down: Cool Cat Tests Out Foot Massage Machine

      A massage procedure can help your furry pet relax, calm down after a stressful event and feel surrounded by love and care. You can also massage your cat using special combers or regular combs.

    • Raccoon Hands up
      Last update: 14:00 06.01.2020
      14:00 06.01.2020

      Stealthy Raccoon Hands Up

      Raccoons are incredibly energetic creatures. These wonderful animals show a lively and genuine interest in everything that surrounds them. These restless dodgers will not calm down until they try on the tooth everything that is badly lying, standing or hanging.

    • A dog is having bath
      Last update: 07:30 06.01.2020
      07:30 06.01.2020

      Bath Time: Golden Retriever Enjoys Pure Relaxation

      Never skip a bath or a shower - the healing effect of water has been known for ages. Animals can enjoy bathing as much as we, humans, do.

    • Scuba Diver Dances With Shark
      Last update: 19:30 05.01.2020
      19:30 05.01.2020

      Incredible Footage of Scuba Diver and Shark Dance

      Sharks are able to inspire both horror and awe? Their very sight makes most people tremble with fear.

    • turtle and bird
      Last update: 15:30 05.01.2020
      15:30 05.01.2020

      Avian Passenger: Bird Takes a Ride on Turtle

      Birds are endowed with an ability to fly, which has drawn the envy of many of us humans who want to soar the skies. However, it seems that even birds are sometimes lazy to fly, preferring to travel by land instead.

    • Golden Retriever
      Last update: 07:30 05.01.2020
      07:30 05.01.2020

      Oh My Goodness! Too Many Golden Retriever Puppies!

      Golden Retriever litters can range in size between four and twelve, with the average size being eight.

    • kittens
      Last update: 19:00 04.01.2020
      19:00 04.01.2020

      Small But Daring: Little Kittens Engage in Fighting

      If you have ever doubted that cats are brave animals just look at these cute kittens that are ready to defend themselves from a very early age.

    • blowfish
      Last update: 14:00 04.01.2020
      14:00 04.01.2020

      Squishy Blob: Scuba Diver Fools Around with Blowfish

      Blowfish, also known as balloonfish, globefish or pufferfish, are a species of fish recognisable by their ability to inflate their bodies as a defence mechanism against predators...and looks utterly amusing for us humans.

    • Puppy in Baby Carriage
      Last update: 07:30 04.01.2020
      07:30 04.01.2020

      Doggie Too Tired: Cute Puppy Sleeps in Baby Stroller

      Strollers are helpful for navigating life with a new baby as they make getting out of the house with an infant easier. However, people have started using strollers not only for their toddlers, but also for their pets. A pet stroller gives you an opportunity to take your pet along for a walk and can be converted from a flea market find.

    • Sleepyhead: Slumbersome Otter Enjoys Post Party Affection
      Last update: 23:10 03.01.2020
      23:10 03.01.2020

      Sleepyhead: Slumbersome Otter Enjoys Post Party Affection

      Who else is tired after their holiday festivities? It appears a party-loving otter has enjoyed bringing in the New Year as well.

    • Setting sun, distorted through atmospheric layers.
      Last update: 19:00 03.01.2020
      19:00 03.01.2020

      Apocalyptic Vision: Three Suns Shine in the Sky Over China

      It is difficult to film the Sun, as you need special equipment to do it properly. But what if there are more than one? Wait, is that even possible? Is this a joke or some kind of witchcraft?