04:13 GMT28 January 2020
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    • Golden Retriever Works Hard to Save Frozen Toy
      Last update: 19:00 GMT 02.12.2019
      19:00 GMT 02.12.2019

      Golden Retriever Works Hard to Save Frozen Toy

      Mason, a 10-year-old golden retriever from Massachusetts, recently got a brutal taste of the loss that character Rose DeWitt Bukater felt when she had to let go of doomed lover Jack Dawson after he died in the 1997 classic film “Titanic.”

    • Dog
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 02.12.2019
      11:00 GMT 02.12.2019

      Winter Trip: Goofy Corgi Happily Travels Through Deep Snow

      Almost everybody likes to play in the snow, but what if the winter is too harsh? Well, in that case, then it is probably better to simply learn to dive and swim through the snow as though it were a deep ocean. Don’t panic – just improvise, adapt, overcome!

    • Golden Retriever
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 02.12.2019
      04:30 GMT 02.12.2019

      Ready for Winter: Cute Golden Retriever in Goggles With Improvised Wipers Unafraid of Blizzard

      Winter has begun in the Northern Hemisphere and it is wise to be prepared for this cold and snowy, but otherwise beautiful, season - just like this good boy.

    • Chow-chow dog
      Last update: 03:32 GMT 02.12.2019
      03:32 GMT 02.12.2019

      Charming Chow Chow Enjoys Head Scratches, Making Funny Noises

      Headaches can cause a lot of discomfort not only for us, but even doggos can get them. Looks like the chow puppy from the video is trying to fight against it with help from its hooman.

    • Husky in boots
      Last update: 22:37 GMT 01.12.2019
      22:37 GMT 01.12.2019

      Puss in Boots Remake: Clumsy Baby Husky Wearing Shoes

      Everybody is familiar with Puss in Boots, but few know that he has a doggo prototype. The baby husky from the video learns how to wear shoes just as its colleague from the fairy tale did.

    • Cat and Magpie
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 01.12.2019
      16:00 GMT 01.12.2019

      Insidious Ambush: Impish Magpie Pecks at Unsuspecting Cat's Tail

      Chasing birds is quite natural for felines, but sometimes the tables are turned and cats can end up being the target of pursuits.

    • Cat and Dog
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 01.12.2019
      11:00 GMT 01.12.2019

      Busted? Cat and Dog Caught in the Middle of Games

      The phrase "they fight like cats and dogs" reveals that the natural tendency of the relationship between the two animals is hostile.

    • Golden Retriever Pup Sleeps
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 01.12.2019
      04:30 GMT 01.12.2019

      Time for Nap: Little Golden Retriever Pup Badly Wants to Sleep

      Even the most energetic canines may get tired sometimes, so they need a good nap – for several minutes, or several hours… or even several days. So, really, there is no point in trying to wake up a sleepy doggo at all.

    • Dog and Raccoons
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 30.11.2019
      16:00 GMT 30.11.2019

      Cuties Attack! Raccoons Try to Sniff and Touch Poodle

      Raccoons are known for being cute and cuddly bandits that are believed to be smart and intelligent because they have incredibly huge brains.

    • Last update: 11:00 GMT 30.11.2019
      11:00 GMT 30.11.2019

      Do You Have a Moment to Talk? Wild Bear Caresses Woman's Hair in Chipinque, Monterrey

      Tourists at an ecological park called Chipinque in Monterrey, Mexico, were caught by surprise when several animals decided to join their group.

    • Dog
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 30.11.2019
      04:30 GMT 30.11.2019

      What Are You? Golden Retriever Confused by His Lizard Friend

      Dogs are pack animals, so they prefer walking with their owners and friends, exploring the world around them. But sometimes it might be difficult for canines to understand that their pals belong to other species that are not so energetic and easy-going.

    • Baby corgi
      Last update: 04:01 GMT 30.11.2019
      04:01 GMT 30.11.2019

      Robot Vacuum Attacks: Baby Corgi Has No Fear, Doesn't Even Try to Run From It

      Robot vacuum cleaners have become extremely popular lately. This house device looks so essential to everyday life that we stop paying much attention it, and neither did this little corgi from the video.

    • Man using a hydraulic chainsaw underwater
      Last update: 00:34 GMT 30.11.2019
      00:34 GMT 30.11.2019

      Beavers Would Approve: Man Using Chainsaw Underwater

      Sometimes we can't find answers to some questions, like what came first, the chicken or the egg? What does Donald Trump's face look like when he is tweeting? What does a chainsaw do underwater?

    • Dogs
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 29.11.2019
      16:00 GMT 29.11.2019

      What is Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me... Two Boxers Hanging on Couch Together

      Though Boxers get along with other family pets, including cats, quite a few Boxers are dominant or hostile toward other dogs, and some are cat chasers. Boxers are known to be stubborn, but also sensitive and proud.

    • 20ft Great White Shark
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 29.11.2019
      11:00 GMT 29.11.2019

      Fearless Diver and Predator: Girl Swims With 20ft Great White Shark in Hawaii

      The great white shark, also known as the great white, white shark, or "white pointer", is one of the largest predatory fish on Earth. On average, these sharks grow up to 20 feet (6.4 metres) in length. White sharks are found in all the world’s oceans except the Arctic and are considered the most dangerous species of shark for humans.

    • Dogs
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 29.11.2019
      04:30 GMT 29.11.2019

      Bypassing Bans: Golden Retriever is Desperate for Water

      All pet owners have experienced it at least once: you come home and see your dog or cat doing something wrong - usually, causing chaos all over the flat in this way or another.

    • Snooze button
      Last update: 03:07 GMT 29.11.2019
      03:07 GMT 29.11.2019

      Doggo Boils Over Human's Attempt to Press Its Nose

      For some people waking up early is a real challenge, but not only for them, for their animals as well. The doggo from the video was tolerant of its human's strange behaviour as long as it could be, but everyone has a limit.

    • Cat and cow
      Last update: 02:28 GMT 29.11.2019
      02:28 GMT 29.11.2019

      Love Is in the Air: Baby Cow Bonds with Playful Cat

      Every baby needs love, even if it is a baby cow. The calf from the video found love and tenderness in the form a cat, which paid a visit to the farm.

    • Panda
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 28.11.2019
      16:00 GMT 28.11.2019

      Yoga Time: Panda Finds Unusual Way to Relieve Itself

      Some viewers wondered why the panda peed in such a peculiar way. There were several suggestions.

    • Dog
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 28.11.2019
      11:00 GMT 28.11.2019

      When Dog Feels the Rhythm

      This dog looks like the typical wallflower from the eyes down, but present him with a proper tune and his ears perk up and dance to the beat. His