01:50 GMT +306 December 2019
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    • Panda
      Last update: 19:00 28.11.2019
      19:00 28.11.2019

      Yoga Time: Panda Finds Unusual Way to Relieve Itself

      Some viewers wondered why the panda peed in such a peculiar way. There were several suggestions.

    • Dog
      Last update: 14:00 28.11.2019
      14:00 28.11.2019

      When Dog Feels the Rhythm

      This dog looks like the typical wallflower from the eyes down, but present him with a proper tune and his ears perk up and dance to the beat. His

    • Dogs
      Last update: 07:30 28.11.2019
      07:30 28.11.2019

      Golden Retriever Puppy Swimming Lessons

      Most dogs treat water with great love and trepidation. In the warm season, many four-legged friends cannot be pulled out of water. But there are also pets who categorically refuse to swim.

    • Dog and fidget spinner
      Last update: 02:54 28.11.2019
      02:54 28.11.2019

      Baby Doggo Sees Fidget Spinner for First Time in Its Life

      The pupster from the video, which actually looks like a baby Chewbacca, gains a unique experience as it sees a fidget spinner for the first time.

    • A golden retriever dog near the door.
      Last update: 23:57 27.11.2019
      23:57 27.11.2019

      Cautious Golden Retriever Pup Checking Door Before Greeting Its Human

      Сautiousness is a good character trait, especially if it can prevent you from running into the screen door. A pooch from the video definitely doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of his brother.

    • Coming in Hot: Hungry Kitty Zooms in for Food
      Last update: 22:13 27.11.2019
      22:13 27.11.2019

      Coming in Hot: Hungry Kitty Zooms in for Food

      Leo, a two-month-old cat living his best life in Delhi, India, recently showed the world that he may just be able to outrun a cheetah, especially if food is involved.

    • Someone say Taco Tuesday ??
      Last update: 19:00 27.11.2019
      19:00 27.11.2019

      Cute Marmot Waits for Treat

      Marmots are the largest members of the squirrel family, can weigh as much as 10 kg, and live outdoors They are exceptionally social herbivores, whose warm fur and ability to snuggle in burrows during the winter months allows them to inhabit the mountains and steppes of North America and Eurasia.

    • Animals
      Last update: 14:00 27.11.2019
      14:00 27.11.2019

      Unexpected Neighbourhood: Labrador Retriever Lives in Cage With Cheetah

      Can pets live together with wild animals? It seems to depend on what kind of animals we are talking about.

    • Golden retriever jumps
      Last update: 07:30 27.11.2019
      07:30 27.11.2019

      Look, I Can Fly! Golden Retriever Makes Really High Jumps

      A sunny day on a beautiful sandy beach - who would not be ready to jump with joy in such surroundings?

    • A little piglet is carrying out training on the farm
      Last update: 04:11 27.11.2019
      04:11 27.11.2019

      Charming Piggy Carrying Out Training Session With Puppies on Farm

      We are used to puppies following orders, but have you ever seen a piggy, which can do it as well as dogs? It looks like this little piglet from the video is really successful in his training on the farm!

    • Dutch Kitty Slips, Slides on Recently Mopped Floor
      Last update: 01:30 27.11.2019
      01:30 27.11.2019

      Dutch Kitty Slips, Slides on Recently Mopped Floor

      For one energetic cat in Echt, Netherlands, fun isn’t always about chasing the red dot on the wall or playing with a feather stick - sometimes it’s just about taking a slide on newly mopped floors.

    • Italian Local Traverses Flooded Town in Motorized Bathtub
      Last update: 22:00 26.11.2019
      22:00 26.11.2019

      Italian Local Traverses Flooded Town in Motorized Bathtub

      Rather than walking through the flooded streets of Italy’s Chioggia, a seaside town south of Venice, local man Costantino Boscolo opted to make his way through the area in a - wait for it, folks - motorized bathtub.

    • Golden Retriever
      Last update: 07:30 26.11.2019
      07:30 26.11.2019

      Smart Golden Retriever Cools Himself

      Most dogs go crazy when they see water. Why is that? Be it a fountain, a puddle, a sea or a river, they attract dogs so much that it is impossible to stop them from swimming. And can you blame them? Especially when it's hot!

    • Two cats having a fight
      Last update: 03:01 26.11.2019
      03:01 26.11.2019

      Battle of Tiny Paws: Two Munchkin Cats Having Fight

      Have you ever seen munchkin cats? You might think these charming creatures are really angels with tiny paws, but think again after watching this video - appearances are deceitful.

    • Bossy Pomeranian Rings Bell for Food
      Last update: 01:30 26.11.2019
      01:30 26.11.2019

      Dinner Time! Bossy Pomeranian Rings Bell for Food

      Finly, an adorable Pomeranian living an enjoyable life in Thailand’s Bangkok, was recently caught channeling his more iron-fisted characteristics when he was filmed repeatedly calling on his owner with a dinner bell.

    • UK Dogs Keep Watchful Eye Atop Roof
      Last update: 22:00 25.11.2019
      22:00 25.11.2019

      ‘Not Your Usual Garden’: UK Dogs Keep Watchful Eye Atop Roof

      A pair of dogs living in Lincolnshire, England, recently gave locals quite the surprise when they opted to climb onto their flat’s roof to do a bit of people watching.

    • Monkey
      Last update: 20:00 25.11.2019
      20:00 25.11.2019

      Monkey See, Monkey Love: Cute Baby Primate Adores its Mommy

      The bond between a child and its mother is no doubt a strong one and this is also true of primates, who, after all, our closest relatives.

    • The only thing I want you to see is this..
      Last update: 18:00 25.11.2019
      18:00 25.11.2019

      Reaching Beyond One's Limits: Man Amazes Public With His Football Skills

      Ever thought about improving your skills of an amateur football player or maybe just looking for inspiration to stop being lazy and resume regular workouts?

    • Golden Retriever Puppy Pizza
      Last update: 07:30 25.11.2019
      07:30 25.11.2019

      It's Pizza Time! Adorable Golden Retriever Plays With Its Favourite Toy

      Everybody has a favourite meal and dogs are no exception: our canine friends simply love tasty food and are so curious that they want two eat almost everything they see – from the most delicious meat, to dirty old boots. But usually they really like fast food.

    • Brunswick the Shark
      Last update: 17:30 24.11.2019
      17:30 24.11.2019

      Researchers Measure White Shark's 13-Inch Double Penis for Science

      The Ocearch data-centric organisation, which assists researchers to collect data from the ocean, has helped scientists who are tagging sharks study their migratory patterns.