08:16 GMT +324 January 2020
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    • Intoxicated US Man Caught Riding Horse From Liquor Store
      Last update: 00:30 07.09.2019
      00:30 07.09.2019

      ‘Drunker Than a Bicycle’: Intoxicated US Man Caught Riding Horse From Liquor Store

      Deputies with Tennessee’s Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office were in for quite a surprise this week after finding themselves face-to-face with local John Arnold, who, according to police, was “drunker than a bicycle” while riding his horse.

    • Silly Vietnamese Cat Confused by Cajón Sounds
      Last update: 22:00 06.09.2019
      22:00 06.09.2019

      Silly Vietnamese Cat Confused by Cajón Sounds

      One cat from Lam Dong, Vietnam, came upon a new discovery on Monday - the cajón, a box-shaped percussion instrument invented in the late 1800s in Peru.

    • Dog
      Last update: 07:30 06.09.2019
      07:30 06.09.2019

      Mr Sandman: Tiny Golden Retriever Dances in Most Cute Way Possible

      Sometimes, all you need to cheer up is an old song, a silly little puppy – and if you add a few special effects, it becomes a miracle! So, watch and behold – just three seconds of this video can bring happiness into your life!

    • Massive Bull Causes Mayhem After Jumping Into Crowds
      Last update: 00:30 06.09.2019
      00:30 06.09.2019

      Massive Bull Causes Mayhem After Jumping Into Crowds

      Eventgoers at an annual bullfighting festival in Vidreres, Spain, were in for a shock over the weekend when a bull managed to jump over the barrier and into the crowded stands.

    • Plop! Cat Falls After Failed Pull-Up Session
      Last update: 22:00 05.09.2019
      22:00 05.09.2019

      Plop! Cat Falls After Failed Pull-Up Session

      One cat’s attempt at snooping on the next-door neighbor recently ended in disaster due to a sudden loss of grip. Whoops!

    • Moscow City Business Centre
      Last update: 19:30 05.09.2019
      19:30 05.09.2019

      Are You Afraid of Heights? Man Walks on Wire Between Skyscrapers in Moscow

      Tightrope walking, also called funambulism, is the mastery of walking along a thin wire or rope. It has a long tradition in different parts of the world and is usually associated with the circus.

    • Last update: 07:30 05.09.2019
      07:30 05.09.2019

      Tiny Golden Retriever Pup With Adorable Face Plays Peekaboo in Bag

      When you have a small dog, it's very convenient. You can take it with you wherever you go. However, if your pet is a Golden Retriever, you don't really have the option of concealing your dog in a purse.

    • Spotted: Canadian Dog Shows Off Scooter Skills
      Last update: 00:30 05.09.2019
      00:30 05.09.2019

      Spotted: Canadian Dog Shows Off Scooter Skills

      Providing dog-lovers with the perfect content, Facebook user Emily Blatta recently left netizens gushing with joy after uploading footage of a dog maneuvering on a scooter.

    • Massive Rock Slide Shutters Thai Roadway
      Last update: 22:00 04.09.2019
      22:00 04.09.2019

      Massive Rock Slide Shutters Thai Roadway

      Residents in Lampang, Thailand, were in for a bit of a surprise on Monday after a rock slide interrupted their daily commute through the Mueang Lampang district.

    • Dog
      Last update: 07:30 04.09.2019
      07:30 04.09.2019

      Dental Plan: Golden Retriever Doesn't Like Toothbrush

      Our canine friends are very energetic; with all the energy expended during the day, they need to recharge with lots of tasty food. Chewing on tough meat, bones or even doggie kibble requires sharp and healthy teeth- so this owner decided to introduce his pooch to proper oral hygiene!

    • Arkansas Man Schools Dog With Basketball Game
      Last update: 00:30 04.09.2019
      00:30 04.09.2019

      Arkansas Man Schools Dog With Basketball Game

      Hailing from the US state of Arkansas, Twitter user Jordan recently offered netizens a treat ahead of Labor Day weekend by sharing a snippet of him playing basketball with his dog.

    • Storm-Powered Texas Shopping Carts Land in Race
      Last update: 22:00 03.09.2019
      22:00 03.09.2019

      Storm-Powered Texas Shopping Carts Land in Race

      It’s lights out in Houston, Texas. It’s anyone’s guess who will win this oddball race between two shopping carts.

    • Parrots incredibly talk to one other like humans
      Last update: 19:30 03.09.2019
      19:30 03.09.2019

      Cuteness Overload: Two Parrots Talking Like Humans

      Indian Ringnecks are classified as parakeets due to their medium size and long gorgeous tails. Yet, the most correct terminology of all is Indian Ringneck Parrots.

    • Dog
      Last update: 14:00 03.09.2019
      14:00 03.09.2019

      Too Smol: Golden Retriever Puppy Can't Jump on Bed

      Children grow up in no time – and little pets mature even quicker. At first, they need a lot of care and assistance, but later they become big, strong, energetic, and are always ready for crazy shenanigans. The only problem is that they won’t fit into their little beds, so they need a bigger place to rest!

    • Dog
      Last update: 07:30 03.09.2019
      07:30 03.09.2019

      That's My Spot! Hilarious Golden Retriever Tries to Chase Audacious Cat Off its Favourite Pillow

      Sometimes cats and dogs can be dear friends, but when it comes to who gets the best spot in the house - they differ in opinions. Who gets the cosy pillow in front of the TV? That's a tricky question!

    • Snake
      Last update: 19:30 02.09.2019
      19:30 02.09.2019

      You Are in Slytherin House, Harry Potter: It Appears Missy the Python in her Wizard's Hat is Too

      Every Harry Potter fan knows that snakes plus magic mean Slytherin House; one of four houses which students are placed in when they start their first year at J.K. Rowling's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    • Monkey with a cat
      Last update: 13:00 02.09.2019
      13:00 02.09.2019

      Dangerous Love: Monkey Drags Her Favourite Little Cat Everywhere

      People adore cats and are always happy to pet them, but what about our closest relatives in the animal kingdom? Looks like other primates also like felines and will show their affection in the most crazy way just to prove they are just like us!

    • Puppy in the stairs
      Last update: 07:30 02.09.2019
      07:30 02.09.2019

      Step by Step: Golden Retriever Puppy Learns to Climb Stairs

      When we have a goal every step counts! Praise yourself and your loved ones - and your pets too - for every little achievement.

    • Dogs playing with leash
      Last update: 19:30 01.09.2019
      19:30 01.09.2019

      Let Me Rescue You! Shiba Inu Puppy Tries to Set Another Dog Free

      Dogs can easily play with their own tails but if there is a leash in sight - be prepared to watch a funny game, especially if you have a restless puppy to walk with.

    • Alligator
      Last update: 14:30 01.09.2019
      14:30 01.09.2019

      Alligators Smash Watermelon in One Powerful Bite

      A thrilling video shows huge Florida alligators chomping down on watermelons. In the video, a man throws a watermelon into the alligators' jaws. The alligators make short work of the giant melons, smashing them into hundreds of pieces.