22:35 GMT01 March 2021
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    Bees are known for their aggressive and defensive nature. Although they are quite small in size, the bitter experience of their sting can be difficult to forget easily. However, the way they exist together can be a marvel to behold.

    Coming across a beehive may be just a normal thing for many people, but it has its own unique beauty. The hexagonal beehive is admired by many because of the way it is created with perfection. 

    The YouTube user ViralHog has shared a stunning video of bees in a beehive synchronising to create waves, and it is wildly drawing public attention.

    The 10-second clip shows bees making what is known as "beehive waves". The waves are created when thousands of bees coordinate their movements and flip their abdomens upward when they sense a potential danger.

    One viewer described it as "Beautiful and Magical".


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