03:51 GMT24 January 2021
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    Alpacas are long-haired domesticated South American mammals which are similar to llamas; they're undoubtedly one of cutest members of the Camelidae family and have won new fans on Instagram.

    A video posted by Alpaca_instapage, showing how a curious and surprised elderly Alpaca reacts to a baby toy, is winning hearts on social media.

    The video clip shows how an elderly Alpaca comes closer to the ‘baby’ and begins caressing it as if it belonged to their own family.  It rubs the younger one many times while others keep looking at both from a distance.

    "I love how they send the bravest one and watch what they do," one Instagram user, Joannasbusyonlife, wrote.

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    Публикация от Alpaca Instapage (@alpaca_instapage)


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