00:48 GMT16 January 2021
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    Cats love to be patted and stroked by people. But what if there's competition with another cat in the house? Well, here's a glimpse of just such a situation in a recent video that has gone viral and is making people laugh out loud.

    In a video posted on the Instagram account Animals Doing Things, a cat can be seen sitting on the lap of a person soaking up the sun and enjoying being patted.

    However, this display of peace and tranquility is not going down well with a rival cat that is locked up in the house. The captive cat gets jealous at the sight and furiously scratches the glass window, desperately wanting a little pampering itself.

    “Hello, I would like some attention please,” aptly says the video’s caption.

    One netizen commented, “My Cat does this on our French door! Lol - We always say he’s just cleaning the Windows haha,” and another wrote, “Me with quarantine - like, let me out!”


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