04:06 GMT22 January 2021
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    Sometimes enemies, sometimes besties. The bond between cats and dogs is a strange one, as this video shows. Try not to smile!

    In a video clip posted on the “ViralHog” YouTube channel, a cat named Seven can be seen pampering mama dog Candy by massaging her stomach.

    “Seven always plays and sleeps with his best friend – our dog Candy. Now that Candy gave birth, after a few weeks, I noticed that she's not feeling well and Seven came to her and gave her a massage. We noticed that almost every day after Candy breastfeeds her puppies, Seven will give her a massage and after that, they will sleep together (sic),” reads the caption.

    Their bond is causing quite a stir online. 

    One YouTube user commented “Making biscuits on the dog!" as it looks like Seven is practising kneading dough. 


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