15:47 GMT28 January 2021
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    Salamanders love to swim and play with their owners’ fingertips. In this viral video, something similar can be seen, but what is surprising netizens the most is the features of the creature - which will leave you amazed.

    Have you ever seen a fish that looks like Groot? Well, in this 30-second video clip, an axolotl, also known as the “Mexican walking fish”, looked somewhat like that as it flaunted swimming skills while playing with a person’s fingertips.

    For some, the creature looks like a frog, and many have found that it resembles Groot. With over 66,911 views, the video has gone viral.

    “Playing with our girl, Groot. We named her Groot because of her branched gill! She is a Copper Axolotl with a ton of adorable personality. If you could keep any Axolotl morph, what would it be?” the video was captioned.


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