03:52 GMT02 December 2020
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    The mere thought of having one of our slithering "friends" crawl around while we're asleep could be the work of some of our scariest nightmares, right? Well, just like us, snakes also take fright at other members of the animal kingdom.

    A spine chilling video has surfaced on Instagram capturing several seconds of an unforeseen encounter between a long, patterned serpent and a cat.

    True to its habits, the cat was purring in its sleep in what looked like an abandoned part of a vehicle when a snake found its way inside it.

    The snake can be seen attempting to navigate its way out of the area, before it slips and falls on the sleeping kitty.

    A few moments later the cat can be seen waking up to the snake - kind of tangled on its body. Obviously, the cat freaks out and jumps out its cozy spot, leaving the snake to find its way out alone.

    The video really brings thrills from the wild to life.

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