05:18 GMT26 October 2020
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    A match between two UK community football teams was recently momentarily halted after a pitch invader decided to make an appearance; however, this wasn’t your typical shirtless invader - this time it was an alpaca.

    Video captured by local resident Claire Armstrong shows the weekend game between clubs Carlton Athletic and Ilkley Town at a complete pause, as the brown-haired alpaca comes storming through.

    “After about 15 minutes of it parading around the farmer eventually turned up with some food to try and tempt it back home,” Armstrong, who is an Ilkley Town club member, told video licensor Storyful. “It eventually gave in and was escorted off the field of play and the game resumed.”

    Now, how long will it be before Ilkley adopts the alpaca as their new mascot?


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