10:20 GMT21 September 2020
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    Hard-skinned and cold-blooded, turtles should not be undermined on the basis of their small size. One of their distinct feature is they manage to live longer than other animals and it is only because of their ability to survive harsh conditions.

    An 18-seconds video of a turtle and an alligator has engaged more eyeballs on social media than the trailer of any blockbuster thriller. The video uploaded by an Indian government official can make anyone jump on their seats as it captures the chilling escapade of a turtle that miraculously frees itself from the jaws of a dreadful alligator.

    After falling once off the alligators's mouth, the turtle is again between the jaws before it makes its final escape.

    "Considering jaw strength of alligator, it is fantastic that the tortoise got away. Must have a very hard shell," one Twitter user wrote.


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