00:16 GMT29 September 2020
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    India is home to around 14,000 leopards and with many forest areas adjoining rural settlements, wild animals often enter human homes or become victim to man-made structures. The Indian Forest Department deploys employees to rescue wildlife in such situations.

    Wild animals are quick to attack if they are challenged or threatened by humans, but with the overlapping of human settlements and forests, these wild creatures often find themselves in situations where they have to trust humans with their lives. 

    In a video shared by Indian Forest Service officer Ramesh Pandey, a young leopard is being rescued from a well with the help of a cot. Forest officials and villagers threw a cot tied to a rope inside the well to pull the leopard to safety. In the footage captured the creature is seen being pulled up while it holds on to the cot with its paws. The wide open eyes gives away the fear in the spotted animal.   


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