23:45 GMT14 August 2020
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    It is unclear how this poor reptile turned upside down, but one thing is known for sure - if this brave man hadn't noticed its predicament, things could have taken a very tragic turn.

    A dramatic video of a tortoise being rescued from alligators has emerged on a Twitter account aptly named 'Cheating Death'. The reptile had turned upside down on a man-made platform in the middle of a pond in what appears to be a zoo. Luckily for the animal, a man, likely a zoo employee, came to its rescue, jumping onto the platform and flipping it over. Seconds later, several alligators emerged from the water, drawn by the commotion on the platform. The man manages to release the tortoise into the water before the gators can snatch it. He narrowly escapes the menacing reptiles himself, hopping back from the platform to safety. We can only hope that the tortoise eventually managed to get away from the alligators.

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