23:36 GMT14 August 2020
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    Golden retrievers have been bred to pick up shot game without damaging it - hence the second part of their name. They are also unafraid of water because of this, as sometimes these dogs have to retrieve game from bodies of water.

    A charming golden retriever boy named Moose has been caught on camera in goofy rubber boots near the swimming pool where he, living up to the name of his breed, tried to retrieve his toy, a rubber snake, from the water. Apparently, Moose does not want to get his fur wet, so instead he makes use of his boots and just reaches for the snake with his front paws. According to the follow-up post on Instagram, where the video initially appeared, after "saving" the toy, the dog played with it in the pool with his friend Louie, also a golden retriever.

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    Why waste energy jumping in when you can reach for the toy from the side of the pool? #verysmart #smartdog #smartypaws #saveenergy #sillydog #jumpinthepool #ohmoose #thisismoose

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