21:44 GMT18 September 2020
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    Babies are constantly studying the new world around them, having to learn basic skills for the very first time. Baby animals are no different, as a cute little pup demonstrated this week.

    Footage shared on YouTube by Viral Hog captures Petey, an adorable puppy pug residing in Danvers, Massachusetts, learning how to make his way to the second level of the house. The seven-week-old pup is captured climbing his very first set of stairs and making his way to the top. 

    In a statement given to the video licensor, his “parents” wrote, “In the end, Petey climbed his way to the top and then looked back at Mommy and Daddy and asked, 'How did I do?'"

    Arguably the most adorable “first achievement” of all time. Good boy, Petey!


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