04:11 GMT22 January 2021
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    Plenty of people enjoy a game on the golf course to exercise, socialize, and have some fun outdoors. It seems that some wild animals also enjoy trying to score a birdie, as a coyote recently demonstrated.

    Home security footage from home security company Ring captures a coyote in Tarzana, California, working on his golf game. The cute creature is seen playfully pouncing on a golf ball laying on the course.

    "Around 11:45 pm our Ring camera noticed a coyote present in our backyard. It captured the coyote playing with a golf ball and we found it fairly cute,” the homeowner told the video licensor, adding that “it was fun and entertaining to watch.”

    The golf-playing visitor ultimately left after about three minutes. 

    Move over Tiger Woods! Seems like you’ve got some adorable competition.


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